Hey there campers, welcome to another edition of Sunday Comics! This week I am joined by Chicago artist Gabe Howell, whose work walks soul-searing memoir, tasting of dark introspection. His hooks on the brush have quite a bite of the horror-tinged, and obsessive-yet-gestural constructions within sparse framing that stands out in the current comics scene.

I asked Gabe to say a bit on their work:

“My comics are mostly about mapping my transition and telling stories that I’m not brave enough to use my own voice to tell. I fell in love with auto bio comics because you can be so honest and straightforwards, then print it and put it out in the world and the things that haunt and scare me just become these small useless pieces of paper. I still have a long ways to go as a “cartoonist”, but telling stories is too therapeutic too quit so I’ll probably continue to struggle with making for a good number of years to come.”

Please partake in a short snippet here from “Soft”, which I was pleased as punch to partake of at last weekend’s Chicago Zine Fest.

To see more of Gabe’s work, head to gabehowell.com and hit his webstore at usedsweats.bigcartel.com.