By Max Morris

Welcome backs comics fans!

Quick reminder- did you enjoy Krystal’s post on Lala Albert awhile back?  Sonatina Books currently has open preorders for Lala’s “Wet Earth” open, check out their online shop to place your order! This will be the longest Albert’s work I’ve seen, so I’m pretty excited to lay hands on it myself!

Bit of a shorter post this week, I’m looking to have a few longer pieces featured in the coming weeks. In the meantime, take a quick peek at Lane Milburn’s newest self-published work, “Corridors”. Milburn has some tight chops to compliment his horror/fantasy romps, but Farscape-meets-Far-Side approach to hard science fiction, both celebrating and inverting its tropes. To order “Corridors”, head to his online store, and while you’re there snag some copies of his other great books “Spectral Worlds” and “Broken Panels”. If you happen to be on of those Instagram folks, follow @lane_milburn to keep up with occasional diary comics. See you next time!