Episode 826: Confluence Studio and Charlotte Street Foundation

Episode 826: Confluence Studio and Charlotte Street Foundation


Live from our tailgate at the MdW fair we bring you part two of a series we are doing with the organizing members of the MdW and a wrap up conversation that looks at the current state of arts organizing. But this week we have Confluence Studio, Duaba Unenra and Sam Gould, then are joined by Amy Kligman of the Charlotte Street Foundation. We learn about contemporary policing practice in MN and how residents mobilize through art and stories. Then we shift over to Kansas City MO and touch the other side of artist run culture through a 25 year old entrenched arts org. Good times had by all!

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Sub-rural # 21, Michiko Itatani

Sub-rural # 21, Michiko Itatani

Michiko Itatani’s virtual post-mortem and subsequent rejuvenation of civilization’s master projects at Tadao Ando's resplendent Wrightwood 659 space has been extended through January, giving Chicagoans an opportunity to see a selection of her elaborate, sometimes...

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Episode 825: Rita McKeough


Here we are here we are finishing out our roundup with the end of our “spot check” in Calgary Alberta, Canada, and we close out with the Western Canadian performance art legend Rita McKeough.

Rita McKeough is an installation and performance artist whose practice is based in Calgary. Her work incorporates audio, electronics and mechanical performing objects. Since the late 70s,

Episode 824: The Badlands Art Department – Jason de Haan and Miruna Dragan


In this episode Duncan visited “Drumheller” in the “Badlands” of “Alberta.” We learn a little about life, love, and the magic that can happen way outside the center

Jason de Haan is a multidisciplinary Canadian artist working in installation, sculpture, video, drawing, collage, photography, and bookworks. This includes the exploration of uncertain and unexpected spaces, temporal flux, natural phenomena and systems, transmissions, and open timelines, with a focus upon the points at which the invisible and residual reveal their contingencies.

Miruna Dragan is a post-conceptual artist whose work reflects themes of locality and dispersion through questions of imminence and transcendence. Operating within and between various modes of studio research including drawing, lens-based media, site-specific intervention and others, her work interprets surreal geographies through the reanimation of archetypes, myths and symbols.

Episode 822: MdW Assembly and Public Space One


This week we check in with two members of the MdW art fair and assembly brain trust, Nicholas Wylie and Brandon Alvendia and learn a little bit about drifts. This marks a true return to form as we tailgate an art fair and record while feeding hot dogs, Marz beer, and vegetarian chili to all those true lovers of art. Then we spend a few minutes chatting with the brilliant John Engelbercht and Kalmia Strong from Iowa City’s Public Space One and try and get the lowdown on what is going on in Iowa, and figure out why the art world need to know about it.

Episode 821: Teresa Tam! Yokeless Press!


Teresa Tam’s practice utilizes spaces and experiences that are familiar and then alters them into something a bit foreign through re-interpretation and re-creation. She likes to conceive her projects as sketches: iterations of ideas and systems rendered but never reaching finality. Her work is also developed to include and emphasize visitor interactions as integral components. She focuses on themes that touch upon alienation within nebulous belonging, the position of an individual within a community, excessive labour, and an obsession with objects that contextualize relationships and realities of diaspora individuals. She specializes in digital platforms, functional installations, all things shaped in paper, and body-based exchanges and objects. She graduated from AUArts in 2014 and is the other half of Yolkless Press.

We talk alternative and artist economy, the traditions of preforming industry, the inscription of labor, and publish artist books. Duncan learns that Teresa’s studio is in the same building as his studio from 25 years ago. That makes him feel a touch old, also they have put a lot of work into the building.

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (12/1-12/7)

1. Lost Intimacies December 2, 6-9PM Adds Donna: 3252 W North Ave Work by Mel Cook, Shir Ende, J.Michael Ford, Erin Hayden, Jaclyn Mednicov, Chloe Munkenbeck, and zakkiyyah najeebah dumas-o’neal. Curated by Pia Singh   2. Water Signs December 2, 6-9PM ACRE...

Funding Art Mountains: An Interview with Angela Bartholomew

Keeley Haftner: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today! Let’s dive right in. As an art historian, your research has focused on the emerging history of institutional critique in the 1980s and 1990s in the “Low Countries” (the Netherlands and Belgium), but...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (11/17-11/23)

1. Jessica Ferrer and Yoonshin Park: Pinions November 18, 6-8PM Chicago Artists Coalition: 2130 W Fulton St   2. Anoushé Shojae-Chaghorvand: innocence is cheap, but ten dollars lasts forever November 19, 5-8PM Prairie: 2055 W Cermak Ave   3. AYAHAN MOOR:...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (11/10-11/16)

1. Kajahl: Submersia November 12, 2022-January 7,2023 moniquemeloche: 451 N Paulina St   2. Megan Sterling: By virtue of a more quiet instinct and Matt Bodett: Introductory Analysis of a Still Life November 12, 5-7PM Bert Green Fine Art: 8 S Michigan Ave  ...

Sub-rural # 20, Leslie Bellavance

Leslie Bellavance searches for capacity, pattern, and agency in an expansive patchwork of modern and contemporary art and literature. Her pictures display critical co-ordinates on a spectrum of detached grammar and buoyant chromatics revealing deep structure as...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (11/3-11/9)

1. Dianna Frid: Time is Textile November 4, 6-9PM Alan Koppel Gallery: 806 N Dearborn St   2. Kelsea Nichols: Paranoid Peacetime November 4, 6-9PM Cleaner Gallery + Projects: 1856 N Richmond St   3. Barbara Kasten: Architectural Fiction November 4, 5-8PM...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (10/27-11/3)

1. Anna Martine Whitehead: Notes on the Territory – Meditation October 29, 4-7PM Roman Susan: 1224 W Loyola Ave   2. Newtok: Seen and Unseen October 28, 7-10PM salonlb: 1010 W 35th St Work by: Jennifer Cronin and Dusty Patches   3. Ian Miyamura: OCTOBER 31...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (10/20-10/26)

1. Diana Solís: Encuentros, Photographs of Chicago Poetry Communities, 1978–1994 October 20, 5-7PM The Poetry Foundation: 61 West Superior St   2. Remnants October 21, 7-11PM Heaven Gallery: 1550 N Milwaukee Ave Work by: Nancy Sayavong and Gabriella Willenz...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (10/13-10/19)

1. LIZA JO EILERS: THE CARE AND KEEPING OF YOU October 14, 7-10PM SULK CHICAGO: 525 S Dearborn St   2. JJ McLuckie: Tunnels October 14, 5-9PM Press Here: center for Mad culture: 410 S Michigan Ave   3. JeeYeun Lee: Shore Land (Calumet Park Preview)  October...