Sub-rural #27, Gary Justis

Sub-rural #27, Gary Justis

In the middle of Gary Justis’ deep dive into luminescent creature portraiture and wraithlike abstraction the artist made a side trip with a series of electric botanical pictures that are timely and time-defiant. Consisting entirely of floral images his latest photo...

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Episode 843: Monira Foundation and Apollo – Anne Muntges, Michael Miller, and Sarah Raskey!


Today on Bad at Sports, live from inside EXPO Chicago, we try to get to the bottom of what the Monira Foundation is up to and what exactly it has to do with MANA Contemporary? So, we catch up with Anne Muntges, Director of Residencies and Grants Development. Then we are joined by the CEO of Apollo, Michael Miller and Chicago artist Sarah Raskey, and we look into the future of digital art delivery and what it would mean to have access to the world’s greatest collections from your home. Efficiency

Episode 842 – ICI Scott Vincent Campbell and Becky Nahom and John Knuth live from EXPO!


This week we check in with independent Curators International through Scott Vincent Campbell and Becky Nahom, and they break down the exciting curatorial connection event hosted through EXPO Chicago for the last five nine years. The conversation touches on the value of curators having an informal, yet art infused context in which to connect. All participants fail to recognize that the proper noun for a group of curators is a “hubris.” As in, “a hubris of curators approached the young artist.” This chat is a followed by LA based but Chicago drenched brilliant image maker John Knuth and we get down, full on EXPO style but with flies, as we tailgate our own booth and try to change the world one T-shirt at a time. EXPO Chicago in full effect.

Episode 841: Chloe Wise and Kevin Arrow


This episode we return to the land of the lost episodes of Bad at Sports. As your friendly neighborhood art world podcasters return to action after a bit of a post EXPO meltdown, we are back in action. And in glorious preparation for NADA NYC we present two fantastic interviews we did in conjunction with NADA in Miami. Art world megaphone jaw dropper, Chloe Wise, breaks down art fashion and how we consume both and the ideas that trail in their wake. Kevin Arrow gets into what is lost as we turn away from Obsolete Media and the joy we can find in rediscovery.

Episode 840: the Jennifer Reeder


Jennifer Reeder is back! It’s been a decade since our last conversation with the legendary Chicago filmmaker, artist and educator and she has been busy! Her newest feature, Perpetrator, features (the!) Alicia Silverstone and recently premiered at the Berlinale on its way back stateside. Together with Jesse and Brian, Jennifer gets into genre, the short as form and shape, her own personal journey through different mediums and more in a rolicking and fascinating conversation.

Episode 839: Molly Zuckerman-Hartung


This week Amanda and Duncan return to the magic of the passed of Bad at Sports with a brilliant interview with Molly Zuckerman-Hartung! Zuckerman-Hartung kicked off this years set of Dialogoues at EXPO Chicago! And we return to a blissfully naive pre-pandemic artworld while physically celebrating the return to form of EXPO 2023! Editing support by Martin and we did this interview inside a Claire Ashley sculpture in NYC!


1. Carolina Pereira: FUZZY MEMORIES June 2, 5-9PM Povos Chicago: 1541 W Chicago Ave 2. Galen Odell-Smedley: PEACH PEACH and Cain Baum: Warbling June 2, 6-9PM Ignition project space: 3839 W Grand Ave 3. Dianna Frid: pre-knowing / un-knowing June 3- July 15, 2023...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (5/18-5/24)

1. Derrick Woods-Morrow: Gravity Pleasure Switchback May 19- August 5, 2023 Gallery 400: 400 S Peoria St 2. Jessica Jackson Hutchins: Jaywalker May 19, 8-11PM Soccer Club Club: 2923 N Cicero Ave 3. Julia Klein in conversation with José Santiago Pérez May 21, 2PM Roman...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (5/11-5/17)

1. Bright day would turn to night, my love May 13, 7-9PM Tiny Table Gallery at TUSK: 3205 W Armitage Ave Work by Laura Bustamante, Alex Chitty, Mark Dion, Gloria Fan Duan, Becs Epstein, earthworm heartboi, Maddie May, Andrew S. Yang, and bex ya yolk. 2. Mandy Cano...


1. Natalie Pivoney: Chasing Dopamine May 5, 6-9PM Purple Window Gallery: 2233 S Throop St, Room 845 2. 10 Desirous Adjustments May 7, 4-7PM Switch Hook Projects: 122 S Michigan Ave #1265 Work by: Braden Skelton, Zander Raymond, Yue Xu, Mikey Mosher, Lily Szymanski,...

Sub-rural #26, Mark Holmes

The last exhibition I saw of Mark Holmes sculpture was in 2017 at the McClain County Art Center in Bloomington, Illinois. He had just finished a number of works that were radically different than the wooden vector configurations he had mastered over the last decade....


1. Julia Arredondo & Chad Kouri: Temple Of April 28, 5-9PM Roots & Culture: 1034 N Milwaukee Ave 2. Marshall Brown: Remastériser April 28, 5-8PM Western Exhibitions: 1709 W Chicago Ave 3. Haynes Riley: An Attitude that cares April 28, 5-8PM David Salkin...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (4/20-4/26)

1. Anders Lindseth: Thin grass does for a mattress, the blue sky makes a good quilt, happy with a stone under head. April 23, 4-7PM 4th Ward Project Space: 5338 S Kimbark Ave 2. Edra Soto: Destination/El Destino: a decade of GRAFT April 22, 1-5PM Hyde Park Art Center:...


Welcome to this week’s TOP V from EXPO CHICAGO at Navy Pier. Also, don’t forget to check out this week’s TOP V for a selection of provocative programs being exhibited in spaces both large and small around Chicago this weekend.   1. Residency Art Gallery Booth 172...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (4/13-4/19)

1. Larissa Krysiek: In Light And Shadow April 15, 6-9PM Positive Space Studios: 3520 W Fullerton Ave 2. Maggie Bridger: Crafting Care April 15, 2-4PM Curb Appeal Gallery: email for address 3. Susan Pasowicz April 14, 6-10PM RUSCHMAN: 4148 N...