Episode 810: Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

Episode 810: Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett


Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett explore the interspace between seemingly polarized entities: light + dark, nature + culture, DIY + institutional, individual + collective. Based in Calgary/Mohkinstsis, the duo centres their practice in relational space, conceptualizing installations and interventions primarily for the public realm. Their projects beckon viewers with novel materials and participatory contexts, inviting strangers to share in collaborative viewership. Beautiful, subversive, playful, and radically inclusive, their works transform the everyday through a critical shift in perspective.

We talk through hibernation, place as space, the magic of light, a physical glitch art (the show image is an image of the work “Carbon Copy”, 2022)and the magic that could be in post-social practice “New Genra Public Art.” Oh, and Duncan tries to defend the Stampede.

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Episode 809: Ox-Bow Dreams with John Rossi and Mac Akin


This week, a little nod to the Lore is Ness sector of our collective imaginary as John Rossi and Mac Akin join Jesse in a conversation about their practices, their lives at the Ox-Bow School of Art and Artist Residency in Saugatuck, MI and their intersects. Through a meandering exploration of the psychic and physical, we learn more about the folk horror legend of the Prickerman, the strange shibboleths of souphead and some of what it takes to make and maintain a community of openness and improvisation.

Episode 808: Naomi Potter and a Portrait of Calgary


In this episode Duncan reaches out to Naomi Potter and the Esker Foundation to curate a series of conversations, in the hopes of evolving a portrait of the future of Calgary’s contemporary art world.

It is an idea about investigating places though conversations with artists. As though, through a series of conversations with sensitive and emblematic makers we could come to a greater understanding of a context, not just artistic practices.

It is kind of an experiment.

Episode 805: Maryam Taghavi


This week Maryam Taghavi casts a spell over Brian and Duncan. Will they recover? We don’t know. What we know is this… Taghavi plays and pulls codes at the edge of beauty and language. What about languages beyond languages?

In her work she uses and recreates a language of the occult practices derived from Islamic mysticism. Her sigils promise to evoke real and active metaphysical powers. These forms become channels, lovely and beyond form itself – concept to volition, presence to absence. The works are a wish invoked. The conversation a wish fulfilled. Will Brian and Duncan ever be the same?

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (8/11-8/17)

1. Breanna Robinson: Asking for the Moon August 13, 4-7PM Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago: 2233 S. Throop St Organized by: Cydney Lewis   2. Bobby Price Exhibit Opening August 12, 5-7PM Lawndale Pop-Up Spot: Douglas Blvd. & Central Park Ave   3. Myron...


1. Lola Ayisha Ogbara: Hues of Black & Blue August 6-November 19, 2022 Hyde Park Art Center: 5020 S Cornell Ave,   2. Ros?a Crean: Liminal August 5, 6-8PM International Museum of Surgical Science: 1524 N Lake Shore Dr   3. James Connolly: Control Signals...


1. Junli Song: Body Rhythms July 29, 5-8PM Chicago Printmakers Collaborative: 4912 N Western Ave   2. Down to Earth July 30, 5-7PM Roots & Culture: 1034 N Milwaukee Ave Work by: Gloria Fan Duan ????, TJ Shin, and Jessica Williams. Curated by Kathy Cho  ...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (7/21-7/27)

1. Benjamin Harle and Gabrielle Sanson: Roommate  July 22, 6-9PM RADAR: 912 N Richmond St   2. Paige Taul: 71 July 22, 6-8PM Chicago Artists Coalition: 2130 W Fulton St   3. Hori Miso: Wabi Sabi July 23- August 20, 2022 Rotofugi Designer Toy Store &...

Repost: Mirror Around the Corner [Venice Biennale]

On the occasion of this year's 59th Venice Biennale, I present you a repost of my experience of the 58th, which feels just as relevant in the wake of this summer's extreme global heat waves as it did during Venice's record floods in 2019. Have a safe and nourishing...

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (7/14-7/20)

1. …of the land: acts of refusal and ratification July 15, 4-7PM South Side Community Art Center: 3831 S Michigan Ave Work by: Ajmal ‘Mas Man’ Millar, Lola Ayisha Ogbara, and R. Treshawn Williamson   2. New Futures: Back in the Arena July 15, 6-10PM GRACE JANE:...


1. Cydney Lewis: Colored with Iron and Lace July 8, 4-7PM Fracas Gallery: 2233 S Throop St   2. Ray Borchers: Coasting on None July 8, 5-8PM The Dime: 1513 N Western Ave   3. Melon Sprout and Clark Woods: simulated trans*ition July 8, 6-8PM Roman Susan: 1224...

Sub-rural #16, Aurora 4th

video by C K Rochelle "Aurora" Listing inline Fourth,O'er languid pace of feigned "D"steadfast banner waves


1. OUTS July 1-August 19, 2022 Filter Photo: 1821 W Hubbard St Participating Artists: Alec Soth, Alex Prager, Alex Webb, Amy Elkins, Amy Stein, Andrea Modica, Andres Gonzalez, Barbara Diener, Birthe Piontek, Bob Thall, Brian Ulrich, Bryan Schutmaat, Carlos Javier...