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This week: Duncan talks to Britton Bertran and Allison Peters Quinn about Artists Run Chicago which is currently up at the Hyde Park Art Center.

Artists Run Chicago is an exhibition showcasing the energy and audacity of some of the most noteworthy artist-run spaces that have influenced the Chicago contemporary art scene over the past decade. Chicago has long been known for cultivating a strong entrepreneurial/Do-It-Yourself spirit in business and the arts. The participating artist-run venues have transformed storefronts, sheds, apartments, lofts, industrial warehouses, garages and roving spaces into contemporary art galleries testing the notion of “exhibition” while complicating the definition of art. Coinciding with the Hyde Park Art Center’s 70th anniversary, Artists Run Chicago reconnects the Art Center to its beginnings as an artist-run space by showcasing spaces that continue the legacy.
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Britton Bertran
Allison Peters Quinn
Artists Run Chicago
Hyde Park Art Center
Brian Andrews
Uncomfortable Spaces
Name Gallery
Randolph Street Gallery
Western Exhibitions
Tony Wight Gallery
65 Grand Gallery
Suitable Gallery
Standard Gallery
Green Lantern Press
Dan Gunn
Version Fest
Sarah Schnadt
Experimental Station
Mess Hall
Alogon Gallery
Swimming Pool Project Space
The Renaissance Society
Smart Museum
Alan Artner
Corbett vs Dempsey
NFA Space
Whitney Biennial
Ripley’s Believe it or Not
Cook County Gallows
The Suburban
Michelle Grabner
Student Union Galleries (SAIC)
Museum of Contemporary Photography
Art Ledge
Mini Dutch Gallery
Roots and Culture Contemporary Art Center
Lori Waxman
A Short History of Spaces
Michael X Ryan
Chicago Amplified
Old Gold
Seven/Three Split
Illinois Arts Council
Thomas Blackman Associates

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