This week: Duncan acts like a lunatic in the intro, Richard gets annoyed. Duncan talks to Stephanie Brooks about poetry, her work and her show at the Rhona Hoffman Gallery.

Then Duncan talks to the fine folks at Mess Hall about their 5 year anniversary.
Mess Hall
Stephanie Brooks
Rhona Hoffman
Sylvia Plath
Mid-Century Modernism
Brutalist architecture
Hamza Walker
Barbara Kruger
Jenny Holzer
Limbic system
Hyde Park
Lauren Berlant
Seminary Co-Op
Dave Eggers
Virginia Woolf
Smith College
Mortimer Rare Book Room
The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
President Obama
Shepard Fairey
Conceptual Art University
Richard Serra
Bill Hicks
Lenny Bruce
Justin Goh
Matthias Regan
Rogers Park

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