Tim Fleming

100 minutes of raw power! Brian and Marc talk to Tim Fleming, Director of Art LA. If that weren’t enough for a whole show, we go that extra mile and knock your socks off!!!

Lori Waxman and Duncan check out the current batch of shows around the West Loop. Did they review your show, oh yes they did, you’d better listen.

Tim Fleming
Art LA
Seven Three Split
Bucket Rider
Butcher Shop/Dogmatic
Pedro Velez
Jose Lerma
Scott Roberts
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
The Stray Show
Art Chicago
Tom Blackman
Melissa Schubeck
David Roman
Daniel Hug
Heather Hubbs
Guido Baudach
Taka Ishii Gallery
Tomio Koyama Gallery
LA Art Show
Photo Miami
David Cordanski Gallery
China Art Objects
Alexis Johnson
The Armory Show
Frieze Art Fair
Fred Snitzer
Patrick Painter
Michael Lett
Jeffrey Rosen
Bortolami Gallery
Hammer Museum
Dean Valentine
For Your Art
Mark Wallinger
Donald Young
Thomas Eakins
James Everett Stanley
Juan Angel Chavez
kavi gupta
John Isaacs
Nathan Mabry
Lorna Macintyre
Sterling Ruby
Felix Schramm
Michael Stumpf
Tony Tasset
Carrie Secrist
Ed Ruscha
Laura Owens
Bodybuilder and Sportsman
Phillip Guston
Portia Hein
Three Walls
Heather Mekkelson
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Siebren Versteeg
Walsh Gallery
Zhang Qing
Navta Schulz Gallery
Jason Hackenwerth
Nicolas Lampert

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