This week Duncan and Richard talk to David Robbins.

David Robbins has had 30 solo exhibitions of his work internationally and has recently been included in exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France. He has published four books, including a novella, The Ice Cream Social (1998), and his essays and satires have been published in Artforum, Parkett, Art Issues, and numerous other magazines and catalogs. He received his degree in American Studies from Brown University. He currently lives in Milwaukee.

His forthcoming book on concrete comedy sounds like one of the most interesting things ever and I personally have pre-ordered 400 copies on Amazon.

David Robbin’s most recent book “The Velvet Grind: Selected Essays,
Interviews, Satires (1983-2005)” comprises the last 22 years of his
imaginative and challenging departures from the conventional Art

Book Description (Borrowed from
Asked to contribute to Artforum’s “Top Ten” column, David Robbins used
one of his entries for “Electricity: That we don’t annually celebrate
Electricity Day is unfathomable.” That sense of whimsy, even amid an
advanced critical sensibility, makes this collection of essays from
the past quarter century a great read. A regular contributor to
magazines such as Real Life (in the 1980s), Purple Prose (in the
1990s), and Artforum, Robbins is one of the first artists and critics
to investigate the art world’s entrance into the culture industry. His
work reflects on the spectacle, the transformation of the position of
the artist in the visual system, and the future role of the spectator
in art. This publication also brings together his key interviews with
Richard Prince, Allan McCollum, and Clegg & Gutman; his writings on
television, Hollywood, and Warhol; and contributions to his “Institute
for Advanced Comedic Behavior.”

It can be purchased here… Website
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