This week’s show is a cavalcade of amazing-ness. Duncan and Richard talk to Joseph Ketner II, Chief Curator at the Milwaukee Art Museum where we ask the question “did Francis Bacon simply need a hug?”. Next, there is an excerpt from a lecture by Christopher Kennedy, President, Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc., on the future of the Art Fair here in Chicago which is not to be missed as we move ever closer to the 2007 fair and away from the 2006 debacle. Christian Kuras guest stars in the expanded intro and Amanda is back from her travels to say all sorts of funny and possibly offensive things!

Be sure to buy your Pitchfork Festival tickets! Sonic Youth is performing Daydream Nation in its entirety. Hot damn.

Holy Guacamole the new Chicago Reader art listings (if you can even call them that) suck like space. For shame Reader, for shame. This is one of the biggest slaps to the art community in some time. Rise up!!!

Lastly, PLEASE vote in this week’s poll as we need your input on what might be changes to the format of the show.

Planned for next week, artist and author David Robbins!!!

Josh Ketner II
Christopher Kennedy
Milwaukee Art Museum
Christian Kuras
Deb Sokolow
Allison Peters
Merchandise Mart Properties
Gallery 400
Stewart Keeler
Green Lantern
Roots and Culture
Jason Dunda
Sandra Dillon
Scott Waters
Joe Trupia
Janet Cardiff
Anselm Kiefer
Bob Gober
Francis Bacon
Mark Rothko
Ellsworth Kelly
Jack Taylor
Tracy Atkinson
Sol Lewitt
Agnes Martin
Eva Hesse
Mrs. Harry Lynde Bradley
Andy Warhol
David Salle
Julian Schnabel
Stanley Landsman
Henry O’Tanner
Frank Lloyd Wright
Matthew Barney
Mel Bochner
Frank Stella
Jose Lerma
Tom Blackman
Art Basel
Frieze Art Fair
Art Institute of Chicago
Art Chicago
Rhona Hoffman
Hyde Park Art Center
The Renaissance Society
Michael Workman
Christo and Jean Claude
David Hockney
Keith Haring
Franz Kline
Jim Dine
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