While you the Bad at Sports listener only get a taste of it, the interview portion of this week’s show demonstrates precisely why Richard needs to be present to be a jerk for these things or they devolve into chaos. Luckily our cut rate production staff pulled it together and it sounds something akin to coherent. This week Duncan, Amanda and Chris Walla, talk to, or at least try to talk to Steve Lacy, Anthony Elms and Philip von Zweck about Steve’s show at VONZWECK, Academy Records, and lots of other stuff..


Emily Heath and Christian Kuras from Bad at Sports London check in.


Mike Benedetto reviews Goundhog Day in time for Groundhog Day.


The BAS video of the week: http://youtube.com/watch?v=pj66XgK3NvE

The Producers
Richard Nixon
Squeaky Fromme
Gerald Ford
Mad Magazine
Dr. Demento
Smile Magazine
Wu Ming Foundation
Karen Eliot
The Residents
Marcel Duchamp
Deep Purple
OODA Group
Creem Magazine
Wendy Cooper
Alien Nation
Hew Locke
John Gill
Jens Hoffman
Gilane Tawadros
Yinka Shonibare
Mario Ybarra Jr.
Laylah Ali
Eric Wesley
David Huffman
Groundhog Day
Bill MurrayDirect download: Bad_at_Sports_Episode_74-Steve_Lacy.mp3

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