This week, The Bad at Sports Staff Meeting intro! Michael Velliquette joins Amanda and Duncan in review shows galore, heck maybe even yours. Don’t miss it.

We are doing a show from CAA, if you are interviewing, being interviewed, presenting, or just there for the non-stop action and fun, we are looking to get brief reviews of the experience from you! E-mail us and we will set up a meeting place at CAA to record.

Michael Velliquette
Joey Fauerso
The Stray Show
Deitch Projects
Michelle Grabner
Nancy Mladenoff
Douglas Gordon
Jenny Saville
William Wegman
John Stewart Curry
Laura Lark
Jeff Ward
Packer Schopf Gallery
Rich Lehl
NW Coast Invasion
Rebecca Raven
Eric Stotik
Ed Wicklander
Dan Attoe
Navta Schulz Gallery
Henry Darger
Paul Gauguin
Fifty/50 Gallery
Cynthia Plaster Caster
Giola Gallery
Jason Ruhl
Martin O’Connor
Oprah Winfrey
Susan Gescheidle
Peregrine Honig
Chris Jahncke
Abigail Lazkoz
Kacy Maddux
Ilona Niemi
Casey Roberts
A.A. Rucci
Erika Somogyi
Chris Uphues
Patrick W. Welch
Marcel Dzama
Yayoi Kusama
Howard Fonda
Chris Cosnowski
Marianna Levant
Gallery 40000
Too Check Effect
Amanda Ross-Ho
Three Walls
Knitting Factory
Cat Mazza
Bruce Mau
Scott Wolniak
Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery
DCKT Contemporary
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