Reviews of loads of shows from Chicago, New York, LA, and Boston. checks in from Boston, Nathan Rogers-Madsen reviews the Whitney Biennial, The BAS crew talks about LA, Art School Confidential, and the current crop of shows here in Chicago. Plus talk about pirates!

Museum of Jurassic Technology
Scion Gallery/Space
Donald Young
James Welling
Getty Museum
Gustave Courbet
John Heartfield
Robin Ward
Stephan Andrews
Harvey Levine Gallery
Fred Stonehouse
Koplin Del Rio Gallery
Trish Grantham
Museum Works Galleries
Chris Walla
Chris Walla
Big Red and Shiny
Daniel Clowes
Art School Confidential
Terry Zwigoff
Ghost World
Body Builder and Sportsman Gallery
Don Doe
Matt Siber
Peter Miller Gallery
Spencer Finch
Wendy Cooper
Sabrina Raaf
Tom 0f Finland
Thomas Demand
Gabert Ferrar
Monique Meloche Gallery
Gedi Sibony
Yuri Masnyj
Mark Bradford
Center for Land Interpretation
El Lissitzky
Pierre Huyghe
Tony Oursler
Dan Graham
Urs Fischer
Gordon Matta Clark
Robert Smithson
Ed Paschke
Robert Gober
Rodney Graham
Rachel Dayson
Allston Skirt Gallery

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