Richard interviews Amanda Browder, Chris Walla, Aris Georgiades and Gail Simpson about Art 44/46: Curated by Stuart Keeler, Art 44/46 is a public art exhibition that will be featuring a variety of artists who are showing pieces publicly. Some are performances, some are sculptural pieces, some are video installations, etc.!

All in the 44th and 46th Wards of Chicago. The wards are roughly between Clark and Broadway (and up Broadway) , and Belmont and Diversey. Please check the website for more info.


We talk about Bad at Sports BASECAMP: our forthcoming residency/series of events at Three Walls. We also touch on Bridge Miami.

We publicly ahpolohgise for our spelling.

Terri Griffith announces the first selection in the Bad at Sports Book Club!!!

Nathan Rogers-Madsen discusses things he isn’t qualified to talk about but does it oh-so-well.

Richard, Duncan and Amanda beat up on Massive Change at the MCA. When did the Museum of Science and Industry open a North Michigan Avenue annex? Did we miss a memo?

The announcements make the show super long, sorry, it’s all good, honest.

Chris Walla
Art 44/46
Nathan Rodgers Madsen
Three Walls Bad at Sports Residency
Terri Griffith
Aris Georgiades
Gail Simpson
Paul Klein
William Conger
Oscar Wilde
Dorian Gray
Tony Fitzpatrick
Gregory Knight
Phyllis Bramson
Kerry James Marshall
Rhona Hoffman
Michelle Grabner
James Elkins
Hamza Walker
Francesco Bonami
Project Gutenberg
Art Institute of Chicago
Ivan Albright
Terra Museum
Bridge Art Fair
Art Basel Miami
Michael Workman
Death Cab for Cutie
Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce
Shannon Stratton
Julia Marsh
Anish Kapoor
Kohler Art Residency
Actual Size Artworks
DeCordova Museum
James Poulos
DeCordova Museum
Jason Dunda
Steven Husby
Fraction Workspace
Marcel Duchamp
Milwaukee Art Museum
Christine Tarkowski
Smart Museum
Museum of Science and Industry

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