Amanda and Richard talked to loads of folks in the Peoria Street area for the 2006-2007 season kick off, maybe even you! Lots of people you know or have heard of get drunk and say embarrassing things! Awesome!

Also, Brian Andrews sets the world straight on how totally fucking stupid Burning Man is. MTV owns you, you sad, sad west-coasters who have more money than imagination, fuck the pre-packaged and throw your own damn party.

Damn, the Touch and Go party was mind blowing.

Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Dominic Molon
Tony Tasset
Judy Ledgerwood
Giola Gallery
Jeffrey Forsythe
Peter Miller Gallery
Laurie Hogin
Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Kehinde Wiley
Walsh Gallery
Heri Dono
Susan Gescheidle
Monique Meloche Gallery
Laura Mosquera
Diane Christiansen
Edward Hicks
Brian Taylor
Julia Marsh
Michael Workman
Tiny Hairs
Charlie King
Scott Speh
Jeanne Dunning
Teena Mcclelland
Deb Sokolow
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Aline Bouvy / John Gillis
John McKinnon
Terri Griffith
40000 Gallery
Josh Mannis
Svedka Vodka
Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery
Shannon Stratton
Three Walls
Anne Wilson
Ellen Rothenberg
Mike Wolf
Tony White
Scott Fife
Mark Booth
Bucket Rider Gallery
Amy Mayfield
Ika Knezevic
Hyde Park Art Center, Allison Peters and Chuck Thurow
Burning Man
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