Welcome to another episode of Bad at Sports. In this episode, Jesse and Duncan sit down with Jen de los Reyes, an artist, organizer, and activist known for her transformative projects that bridge art and community engagement.

Jen de los Reyes is perhaps best known for her role in founding and organizing the groundbreaking Open Engagement conference, a platform that explores various facets of art and social practice. Through Open Engagement, Jen has created a space where artists, thinkers, and activists converge to discuss critical issues and forge connections that transcend traditional boundaries.

During our conversation, Jen de los Reyes shares insights into the origins of Open Engagement, its evolution over the years, and its impact on the contemporary art scene. We delve into the conference’s role in fostering dialogue around social justice, environmental sustainability, and collective action within artistic practices.

In addition to her work with Open Engagement, we discuss: Garbage Hill Farm. This innovative urban farming initiative challenges conventional notions of sustainability and community building. The Garbage Hill Farm project transforms its urban landscapes and serves as a platform for education and empowerment within local communities.

All from inside of her exhibition “In Concert With” at Chicago’s Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Christopher Hudgens