This week Dorothy Dubrule catches up with Dana Bassett and Duncan, about “Being Work” her new book of essays on the performer’s experience performing art. Essays written by effie bowen, Casey Brown, Dorothy Dubrule, Jessica Emmanuel, Paul Hamilton, Allie Hankins, Kestrel Farin Leah, and Mireya Lucio. Brilliant Illustrations by Eileen Wolf Echikson.

Dorothy Dubrule is a choreographer and performer based in Los Angeles. Her choreography is often made in collaboration with people who do not identify as dancers and has been performed in theaters as well as bars, clubs, galleries, sound stages and sports arenas. She has performed in the work of artists, choreographers and directors such as alexx shilling, Alison D’Amato, Lea Anderson, Melinda Ring, Milka Djordjevich, Narcissister, Tino Sehgal and Zoe Aja Moore. Dorothy received an MFA from UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance and has been the director of Pieter Performance Space since 2017. Prior to moving to LA, she danced with DIY performance collective Club Lyfestile and comedy fly-girl crew Body Dreamz in Philadelphia. A board member of Grex, the West Coast Affiliate of the AK Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems, Dorothy organizes workshops and writes about issues of social identity and power as they arise in art contexts. Following the publication of her essay, “What I’m Doing When I’m Selling Out,” on SF MoMA’s Open Space, she is currently working with 53rd State Press to edit a collection of writing by performers who have been contracted by visual arts institutions to work in live exhibitions.

Artwork by Eileen Wolf Echikson

Christopher Hudgens