1. Liberatory Practices

June 19, 12-1:30pm
Arts and Public Life
Seed Lynn and Sadie Woods

2. by & for: ed.3

June 20-23, 2020
With Elena Ailes, Claire Ashley, Angela Azmitia, Lucy Baird, Margaret Crowley, Cass Davis, Madeleine Finley, Rami George, Griffin Goodman, Rosemary Hall, Erin Hayden , Ellen Holtzblatt, Jennifer Huang , Michiko Itatani, Jin Lee, Alex-Peyton Levine, Mev Luna, SaraNoa Mark, Jesse Meredith, Matt Morris, Emily Mulder, Kelly Neibert, Shonna Pryor, Jeff Robinson, Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez , Elaine Rubenoff , Ruby T, Elaine Tanski, Unyimaebasi Udoh, Laura Wetter , William Wiebe , Guanyu Xu and Shanna Zentner (curated by Jameson Paige, Fabiola Tosi, Alex-Peyton Levine and Pia Singh)

3. Chelsea’s Trivia Night

June 18, 7-8pm
Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry
With Chelsea A. Flowers

4. Pandemic Lessons 1: What Just Happened?!

June 18, 4-5:30pm
Gallery 400
With Carolina Ibarra, Jen Delos Reyes, Caroline Kent, and Scott Sikkema

5. Censorship on Social Media with Michael Reed

June 22, 6-7pm

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