I am Alberto Aguilar. For this episode of Bad at Sports I’m joined with Lorelei Stewart to be interviewed by Dana, Ryan, Duncan and co-guest Jesse Malmed. How is Jesse a co-guest? Shouldn’t he be a guest co-host? I have allowed for questions. We are here to talk about my survey exhibition ‘moves on human scale’ (it is not a retrospective) at Gallery 400 which runs through June 15, but may go a month longer. I have allowed for open endedness. This interview will last a little under an hour. It doesn’t need to be a good interview we just need to fill the allotted time. In the recording booth we will have an experience which will be shared with you, the listener. One thing you may not hear as the listener is Ryan getting up in the middle of the recording to get me a can of seltzer water to alleviate an unexpected cough. I have allowed for chance. If you don’t listen to this interview in actual time you can listen to the recording later (unless Duncan or Ryan forget to hit the record button).