We might be bad at sports, but we’re good at supports!

Today we bring you two noble causes from the artists and organizations that keep Chicago’s Art heart beating:

    • In order to keep Pro-Choice alive in Illinois, Weinberg/Newton Gallery is raising money through a Paddle8 in tandem with their exhibition Your body is a battleground in support of Personal PAC, an Illinois women’s rights Super PAC. Check out the auction and bid on work here. Auction and exhibition both close on June 9th.
    • The lovely people at ACRE are currently fundraising to replace their broken van. These folks do so much for the arts community in Chicago and emerging artists everywhere. If you can throw a few clams their way (and you should) there are great rewards.Donate here via their Kickstarter and watch the hilariously sweet eulogy for the ACRE van by Trunky (of Trunk Show) below.


Happy Friday y’all! Get out there & support the arts (since Illinois can’t seem to)!