Allison Schulnik, Installation view of Mound, 2011, at ZieherSmith, NY.


Herewith, Amanda Browder presents three Art Review Haikus of shows that are currently on view in New York. Art critics, note the concise blend of poetic word-play and to-the-pointness; this is how it should be done.


Gawkers drool with paint
Pink retro figure blender
Timeline color trip

(de Kooning: A Retrospective, at MOMA)


(alive and dead) rose
creepy clown eyes glazed supple
happy goopy poop

(Allison Schulnik at ZieherSmith, New York)

lines, lines, lines, lights, slide, lights, pills
touch me and feel weird

(Carsten Höller: Experience  at the New Museum)

Claudine Isé