New World Symphony Mockup

New World Symphony Mockup

New World Symphony founder and conductor Michael Tilson Thomas was building a new concert hall and convinced long time freind & architect Frank Gehry to design it. A $154 million interactive concert hall, a 2 ½-acre companion park, and, at the city of Miami Beach’s insistence, a parking garage. With the nonprofit symphony footing most of the cost things seemed to be in order.

Now that the concert hall is under way, on time and on budget, things seem to be coming apart. The city apparently didn’t equate the budget fully since now they are renegotiating the fee for the architect and pushing for the next door park to be designed by a less expensive group.

Gehry says fine and said Friday he is withdrawing from the park project. And he threatened to walk away from the project completely if city commissioners continue to harp on his fees, which he says they have exaggerated and misrepresented.

”I really find it insulting,” Gehry said in a phone interview from his Los Angeles studio. “I’m offended. If they keep messing with me, if I get insulted enough, I will withdraw completely.”

More can be read at the Miami Herald Report

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