This week the San Francisco Bureau continues their series of critics round tables. Patrica and Brian are joined by the curator Joseph del Pesco, as they take a look at the early exhibitions of 2009 in the Bay Area. During the conversation they discuss Dave Lane, Heny Darger, Mads Lynnerup, Paul McCarthy, Coulter Jacobsen, and more.
Joseph Del Pesco
outsider art
Artists Space
CCA Curatorial Studies
BAS blog
UC Davis
Dave Lane
Nelson Gallery
James Castle
Liz Thomas
Paul Chan
Berkeley Art Museum
Henry Darger
Mads Lynnerup’s Routines (Sønder Boulevard)
Gillian Wearing
The Anatomy of Disgust
Paul McCarthy
The Exhibition Formerly Known As Passengers
Bruce Nauman
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Ratio 3
Santa’s Land
Paul McCarthy’s Santa with Butt Plug
Damien Hirst
Coulter Jacobsen
Jordan Wolfson
Matthew Barney
The Art of Participation
Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece
Erwin Wurm
Lynn Hershman
Marcus Coates
Mariel Neudecker

Christopher Hudgens