SECATHIS WEEK: Patrica and Brian round-table with Apsara DiQuinzio and Alison Gass, Assistant Curators at SFMoMA about the 2008 SECA award. Apsara and Alison let us in on the unique curatorial process of the SECA award, including leading tour buses of museum patrons through rapid-fire studio visits.

SECA, the Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art, is an auxiliary group of SFMoMA and has honored bay area contemporary artists since 1967. The 2008 winners are Tauba Auerbach, Desirée
Holman, Jordan Kantor, and Trevor Paglen, whose work will be on display at SFMoMA beginning February 12, 2009.
Bill Conger
Chicago Cultural Center
Alan Artner
the Trib
Apsara Diquinzio
Alison Gass
Tauba Auerbach
Jordan Kantor
Chris Johanson
Will Rogan
Shaun O’Dell
Desirée Holman
Trevor Paglen
The Whitney Biennial
Luggage Store Gallery
Jack Hanley
Barry McGee l
Margaret Kilgallen
Gerhard Richter
Liz Thomas
Berkeley Art Museum
Dark Matters
Mike Kelley
Paul McCarthy
The Cosby Show

Christopher Hudgens