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Mark Staff Brandl, the Central European Bureau and EuroShark, is in Central Illinois this time, interviewing Prof. John Jennings and Damian Duffy, curators of the traveling exhibition “Out of Sequence: Underrepresented Voices in American Comics,” which originated at Krannert Art Museum in Champaign. Jennings and Duffy discuss their curation of several shows, their own art and writing such as the graphic novel The Hole, their teaching, the extension of sequential art beyond the “Masters of American Comics” notion, theory, the socio-political, African-American culture, impurity, art history and more. Hey Kids, Comics, Fine Art and Filosofizing! Big fun for one and all

John Jennings
Damian Duffy
Out of Sequence: Underrepresented Voices in American Comics
Krannert Art Museum
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Eyetrauma (Jennings and Duffy Comics)
Barack Obama
Masters of American Comics Exhibition
Milwaukee Art Museum
Jack Kirby
Scott McCloud
Dale Messick
Matt Baker
George Herriman
Winsor McCay
Art Spiegelman
Chris Ware
John Perrault
Art History as a braided rope
Design History
Masheka Wood
C Hill
Gallery Comics / Installation Comics
Gary Panter
Jimbo in Purgatory
Belmar Laboratory of Art and Ideas
Library of Congress
Ohio State University
Flint Institute of Arts
“Other Heroes”
Gus Arriola
Nell Brinkley
Kris Dresen
Keith Knight
Phil Jimenez
Ashley A. Woods
Dann Tincher
Mshindo Kuumba
Drew Weing
Brian Wood
Ryan Kelly,
Colleen Doran
C. Spike Trotman
Richard Santiago
Larry Yang
UIUC Graduate School of Library Science and Education
School of Visual Arts
The Hole: Consumer Culture, Vol. 1
UIUC College of Fine and Applied Arts
Doctor Who
Front Forty Press
University of Chicago Press
Diamond Distributors
Forbidden Planet
literary genre
Independence Day
The Day After Tomorrow
Vilém Flusser
Gunther Kress
Will Eisner
50 Cent
Sam Gilliam
Jackson Pollock
Anja Meulenbelt
Morgan Usadel
David Carrier
Comic Impurity
Clement Greenberg’s “purism,”
Olly Harrington
Inks : Cartoon and Comic Art Studies
Andrei Molotiu
Sequenz Verein
Fort Thunder
Gene Colan
Adrienne Colan
Ray Billingsley
Feeble Painting
Gil Kane
Pulp genres
bell hooks
Underground Comix
Leslie Fiedler
Giotto’s Fresco in Padua
Jacob Lawrence
The Great Migration
Jackson State University (print on demand)
Sequential Art
Doshisha University
Fanon Che Wilkins, historian and DJ
African-American Comics, Onli Comics Chicago
Chris Benson
Friedrich Glauser
Walter Mosley
Mosley’s Life out of Context
The Wire
The Met
Guggenheim Bilbao
Proximity, (Edmar and Mairead Case)
Visual Arts journal
Elizabeth M. Delacruz
Scan, Australian Journal of Media Arts Culture
James Madison University
James Baldwin
Eshu Legba

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