This week we return to the local Chicago Art world and the things that mean most to us.

First, we check in with Allison Stites at the Around the Coyote and ask why and how the city’s main emerging arts festival is moving from the community that gave it life. There are some good answers.

Then we check into what is going on with Chicago’s Allrise gallery. It’s director, Lisa Flores, tells us about how she is moving heaven and earth to do weekly shows and how you can get involved.

Finally, the BOOK Review is back! This week we chat about David Carr’s “The Night of the Gun.” Also, we want to let everyone in the world know that celeb author Naemm Murr is reading at the Parlor on October 7th. Be there.


Neil Diamond
Around the Coyote
Allison Stites
All Rise Gallery
Night of the Gun
David Carr
The Parlor
Naeem Murr
The Boy
Commonwealth Writers Prize
Guggenheim Fellowship
Beyond Margins Award
Green Lantern
Beautiful Decay
Scott Anderson
Kavi Gupta
Tom Sanford
Podcast Awards
Allison Peters Quinn
Hyde Park Arts Center
Best New Artist Award
Golden Artists Colors
Hye Yeon Nam
Oriana Fowler
Seth Vanek
Aaron Rodgers
Ice Factory
Catherine Forster
Live Box
Kristi Maguire
Plumbers Hall
Flat Iron Building
Smart Show
Patricia Courson
James Kao
Servando Garcia
Bed Bath and Beyond
Deadline Projects
Andy Warhol
Tiny Dance Film Series
Lisa Torres
Bill Gross
Roots and Culture
Burger Baron
Weekend Fling Exhibition Series
Art Institute of Chicago
Western Exhibitions
Grand Matter
Joachim Laportre
Lee Piechocki
Matthew Hoffman
Shelby Donnelly
Michael David Rose
The Butcher Shop
Renegade Craft Fair
Alice Jarry
Jason Cantoro
Co-Prosperity Sphere
A Million Little Pieces
James Frey
Salman Rushdie
Tom Arnold
The New York Times
Book Mooch

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