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This week: Duncan and Shannon Stratton talk to artist Anne Wilson.

From Anne Wilson’s website:

“My work evolves in a conceptual space where social and political ideas encounter the material processes of handwork and industry, where the organization of fields and the objects they help generate is constantly subverted by the swarming, anarchic energy of the objects themselves. Extrapolating from personal subjective rituals to observations of larger systems within the built environment, I investigate the micro- and macrocosms of networks and matrices through stitch, crochet, knot, net, animation, and sound. Using pixilation and projection, I de-materialize and re-animate work that began on the border between drawing and object making, and remains liminal in whatever new medium it enters. My source materials – hair, linen, lace, pins, wire, and thread – are the props of both domestic culture and larger social systems. I join together the points where these systems overlap, and where issues of sexuality and decorum, vitality and death construct meaningful relationships, and find release.”

ALSO: Mike Benedetto and Guest reviewer Tony Fitzpatrick review The Dark Knight, and some naughty things are said!
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