Who is the hell doesn’t know what Highlander is? For shame. All of you, add it to your netflix queue pronto!

This week: Duncan, and a panel of superstar critical thinkers, Lori Waxman, Kathryn Hixson and James Yood discuss, Highlander, Artropolopolopolis, Robert Storr vs. the universe, and regionalism in an action packed, smack down of art critical smartness.

To digress for a moment, in googling everyone’s name to minimize errors I was astonished to find that there once was a Chicago Art Critics Association. Sadly their website was last updated in 2006. It seems to have died of disinterest. I wonder if the meetings entailed “Beat-i” style knife fights, alas Bad at Sports missed the boat there.

Only Duncan will be amused by the opening song, as he knows there can be only one, and only Kaveh Soofi and Dominic Molon by the closing song.

Joseph Mohan. There Duncan, I said it.

Lori Waxman
James Yood
Robert Storr
Tom Burtonwood
Garden Fresh
Gaylen Gerber
Whitney Biennale
Ashley Bickerton
Robert Ryman
New Art Examiner
Thomas Blackman
Merchandise Martv
Donald Judd
Andy Warhol
Gerhard Richter
Old Gold
Francesco Bonami
Barnett Newman
Jewish Museum
James Rondeau
Ivan Albright
James Rondeau
Marcel Duchamp
Anne Wilson
Tony Fitzpatrick
James Rondeau
Kerry James Marshall
Wesley Kimler
Jeff Wall
Chris Wool
Charles Saatchi
Lari Pittman
Charles Ray

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