This week Caleb Lyons, one of the directors at Chicago curious space “Old Gold,” drops in to interview John Phillips and Tony Wight about the current changes at Bodybuilder and Sportsman/Tony Wight Gallery, John and Caleb’s exhibitions, contemporary abstract painting, and we once again tackle the topic of what is a hipster?.

Where is Richard?

Caleb Lyons
Old Gold
John Phillips
Tony Wight
Tony Wight Gallery
Three Walls
Tim Brower
NFA Space
Kavi Gupta
Garden Fresh
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
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Art in America
New Art Examiner
Jeanne Dunning
Kathryn Hixson
Rhona Hoffman
Donald Young
Shane Campbell
David Coyle
John McLaughlin
Barnett Newman
Ron Clark
Brice Marden
Jerry Saltz
Joseph Albers
Bruce Nauman
Ellsworth Kelly
Elizabeth Murray
Eva Hesse
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