The Central European Bureau, “EuroShark” Mark Staff Brandl and his new partner Lamis El Farra interview Alex Meszmer of the art team Meszmer/Müller.

Meszmer discusses the exhibition they curated at Projektraum Exex titled “Deconstructing Eden – Fragments of a Perfect Life,” their transitory museum-in-progress called Zeitgarten, the Swiss professional artists’ organization Visarte, and the new group of highly active “alternative” art spaces in Switzerland united under the rubric “Off-Off.”

Terri and Joanna give their book review of Eeee Eee Eeeee by Tao Lin . The “shitty drawing of novels.”

Duncan rages about how F-ing angry he is at the Art Institute of Chicago, and in order to make up for it, rumor has it that he intends to increase his donation to them. If you work in development, please make a note of Duncan’s generosity and contact me at and I’ll pass along his phone number. He really wants to talk to you ASAP.

Alex Meszmer / Reto Müller / Zeitgarten
IAA / AIAP International Artists Association
Projektraum Exex
Olga Stefan
Thomas Hirschhorn
Hirschhorn Scandal
Christopher Blocher
Pro-Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council)
College Art Association
Off-Off Spaces
Kunstraum Kreuzlingen
Collapsible Kunsthalle
Corinne Schatz
Deconstructing Eden exhibition
Christian Falsnaes
Bella Angora
Catalin Dorian Florescu
Heinrich Gartentor
Aurelio Kopainig
Hina und Maetti
Maurice Maggi
Isabel Rohner
Doris Schmid
Ulrike Shepherd
Olga Titus
We Came in Peace
Nicolas Bonstein/Pierre-André Aebischer (Symphologic)
Rietveld Academie
Vilém Flusser
Bollywood and Switzerland
Der blinde Masseur / The Blind Masseur
Neo-Conceptual Art
Juergen O.Olbrich
Emmett Williams
George Brecht
Allan Kaprow
Joseph Beuys
Green Party
Flieger, Filz und Vaterland
Homeopathic medicine
API, Art in the Public Interest
SP, Sozialdemokratische Partei Schweiz
die Grüne Partei der Schweiz
Pfyn, Ad Finis
The Lake-Dwellers (Pfahlbauer)
Pfahlbauer von Pfyn
The Pfyn Culture
Amt für Archeologie Thurgau
Kanton Appenzell
Thurgau / Thurgovia
Art Museum Thurgovia / Kunstmuseum Thurgau
SVP, Schweizerische Volkspartei
FDP, Freisinnig-Demokratische Partei Schweiz
Swiss Political Parties
Swiss Art Sharkforum
Tao Lin
Reality Bites
Elijah Wood
Sean Penn

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