Allright so my computer is fairly f-ed and therefore this show note will be even less witty than usual. A bunch of post-its are wedged between the keyboard and the video processor to hold it in place. Curse you IBM.

Duncan and Marc LeBlanc talk to Caleb Lyons of Old Gold Gallery and formerly of Art Ledge.

Duncan talks to artist Lisa Boumstein-Smalley about her new show at the Alfedena Gallery.

Brian Andrews and Marc LeBlanc talk to Justin Hansch about Justin’s Museum of Contemporary Art. We collectively apologize for the crappy sound quality on this one but we are working to correct the problem.

Sarah corrects BAS on their grammar.

Caleb Lyons
Old Gold
Art Ledge
Lisa Boumstein-Smalley
Alfedena Gallery
Justin Hansch
Justin’s Museum of Contemporary Art
Brandon Alvendia
Street Level
Katie Scalan
Stacie Johnson
Julia Marsh
The Reader
Time Out Chicago
Stanley Kubrick
Jack Nicholson
The Shining
J. Patrick Walsh III
John DiCosmo
Sze Lin Pang
Loo Bain
Alex Jovanovich
Lisa Boyle
Bucket Rider
Apt 1R
Michael X Ryan
John Brunetti
Evanston Art Center
Paul Kass
Martin Kippenberger
Jason Starr
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