In this episode Bad at Sports welcomes guest reviewers: Boston up-and-comer Liz Nofziger and Columbia College Chicago’s Neysa Page-Lieberman. They join Bad at Sports locals Terri Griffith, Serena Worthington, Joanna Topor, and Duncan MacKenzie as we shake up and shake down shows in the West Loop. Tune in as they struggle with Gescheidle’s two new shows-Drew Beattie and Chris Verene-whose name Duncan butchers repeatedly; GARDENFresh’s first show in their new digs; and Gallery 40000’s two new offerings, Thomas Rapai and Amy Vogel. All that, and Brian Andrews talks politics and art!

ALSO A BRAND NEW CONTEST: The first Bad at Sports Essay Contest is announced in the outro this week. We need you to write a speculative essay of 100 words or less on why Edward Lifson dislikes us. These can be as speculative and fictitious as possible. The winner will have their essay read on the air by Book Guru Terry Griffith!!!

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Columbia College
Drew Beattie
Chris Verene


Three Walls
American Book Company
WIlliam Labrant Jenning

Richard Billingham
Larry Sulton
Burtonwood and Holmes
Michael John Hofner
Jeremiah Ketner
Alain Douglas Park
Andrew Rigsby
Bodybuilder & Sportsman
MCA’s 12x

Ian Weaver
Packer Schoff
Toni Hafkenscheid
Abu ghraib
UC Berkley

Doe library
Clinton Faynes
Tomi Turrell gallery
Susan Sontag
Andres Serrano

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Erased Lifson Drawing
Erased Lifson Drawing

Christopher Hudgens