Canadian superstar Rodney Graham joins us. Duncan, Meg and Richard talk to the man that turned driving around on your bicycle on acid in to an art form. I was genius at 18 and I had no idea!!! Jeepers.

Next, Mike Benedetto reviews a touching and timely story of our nation in conflict. I cried through the whole 30 seconds (plus bonus seconds)

THEN, We talk to members of the Polvo team, Elvia Rodriguez-Ochoa and Miguel Cortez (who didn’t really say anything but was there none-the-less). They give us the scoop on Polvo, Pilsen and why their space is so damn cool.

Watch this space: Bad at Sports will soon be declaring complete and utter war on a local institution. Not to be missed.

Rodney Graham
Black Sabbath
Pink Floyd
David Munrow
Matteo da Perugia
Sherrie Levine
Jeff Wall
Stan Douglas
Ian Wallace
Ken Lum
Roy Arden
Marty Robbins
Zabriskie Point
Girl Can’t Help It
Julie London
Team America: World Police
Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Kim Jong Il
Film Actors Guild
Elvia Rodriguez-Ochoa
Miguel Cortez
Jesus Macarena-Avila
Tracey Rose
Columbia College Chicago
Pilsen Open Studios
Pilsen East/Chicago Arts District
John Podmajersky
Mario Castillo
Pros Arts Studio
Chicago 25th Ward
Chicago’s 1st Ward
Hinky Dink Kenna and Bathhouse John
187: With Or Without You
Pilsen (history)
Low Rider Show
Amanda Gutierrez + Mónica Herrera
ayanna jolivet mccloud
Juan Compean
Amy Mall
Lindsay Obermeyer
Silvia Malagrino
Michael Capapas
Michael Piazza
Elizam Escobar
Carlos Cortez
Erica Lord + Gabriel Vega
Jeff Abell
Nana Shineflug
Edra Soto
Chris Silva
Chuck D
Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Coco Fusco
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