Circus Gallery

Marc and Brian interview Dawn Kasper with John Knuth of Circus Gallery featuring Michael Bauer of The Confederacy of Creative Ephemera.

Duncan talks to the delightful Ryan Schultz of Navta Schultz Gallery in Chicago about running a gallery, art fairs and the trajectory of the business.

NEXT WEEK: The Festival of Elkins!!!

Dawn Kasper
John Knuth
Circus Gallery
Michael Bauer
The Confederacy of Creative Ephemera
Three Walls
Aqua Art Fair
Rachel Mason
Circus of Books
Richard Jackson
Dave Muller
Liz Craft
H.R. Puff ‘N Stuff
Duane Hanson
Gilbert and George
Ed Beller
Bruce Campbell
Evil Dead 2
Alfred Hitchcock
Night of the Living Dead
George Romero
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Quentin Tarantino
Peter Jackson
Tom Savini
Rob Zombie
Gary Gilmore/a>
Matthew Barney/a>
Kasper Hauser
Paul McCarthy
Damien Hirst
Alice Neel
Bruce Campbell (artist)
Ryan Schulz
Navta Schulz
Linda Warren
Hot Cakes
Susan Gescheidle
Jason Hackenwerth
David Hendren
James Kelly Contemporary
Ellsworth Kelly
Tom of Finland/a>
Roni Horn
Bridge Art Fair

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