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Duncan and Richard talk to Tracy Marie Taylor, artist and curator who curated the new show Bilingual, Art at the Intersection of Painting and Video.

Bilingual focuses on artwork at the intersection of painting and drawing, film and video, encompassing both conceptual and process-driven approaches. The artists in this exhibition are acting as visual linguists or interpreters, breaking down one language and reconstructing it in another, holding the sense of the structure together with an understanding of both.

Bilingual will feature works by Shira Avni, Kylie Baker, Wafaa Bilal, Jeremy Blake, Eddy De Vos, Terence Hannum, Jay Heikes, John Hiltabidel & John Grant, Jo Jackson, William Kentridge, Patte Loper, Joshua Mosley, Sabina Ott, David Reed, Peter Rostovsky, Alison Ruttan, Jason Salavon, Marcelino Stuhmer, Fraser Taylor, Jim Trainor, and Scott Wolniak.

Joanna and Terri talk to Doug Fogelson from Front Forty Press about art books and lots of other neat stuff. Front Forty Press is a small publisher focused on artistic projects. A Front Forty project is one that embodies uninhibited creativity and deals with current topics. The work can be functional, political, ecological or simply expressive. What matters most at Front Forty Press is the cultivation and communication of ideas.

Tracy Marie Taylor
Carol Becker
Shira Avni
Glass Curtain Gallery
Wafaa Bilal
Jeremy Blake
Eddy De Vos
All The Pretty Corpses
Terrence Hannum
Jo Jackson
William Kentridge
Patte Loper
Joshua Mosley
Sabina Ott
David Reed
Peter Rostovsky
Alison Ruttan
Jason Salavon
Marcelino Stuhmer
Fraser Taylor
Scott Wolniak
Doug Fogelson
Front Forty Press
Glass Curtain Gallery
The Suburban
Shane Cambell
Jenny Saville
John Currin
Renegade Craft Fair
Printer Row’s Book Fair
University Chicago Press
White Walls
John Jennings
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