Duncan and guest host Shannon Stratton talk to Lisa Stone curator of the Roger Brown study collection about what a kickass resource it is and what you can do, by simply clicking a mouse, to help save it.

Kathryn Born checks in from the Hyde Park Art Center about their current show.

Coming soon! Jim Elkins, Judy Ledgerwood, Dominic Molon on rock, Lee Bontecou, Tony Fitzpatrick versus Mike Benedetto and ever so much more!!!

Through a series of gifts and bequests The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) has become the primary repository of the personal, intellectual, and artistic effects of alumnus Roger Brown. His generosity to the School included a remarkable group of paintings and prints. Brown’s gift of paintings is organized into two groups: the Roger Brown Permanent Collection, a study collection of works that are available for study and exhibition, and the Roger Brown Estate Collection of Paintings and Prints. Works from the Estate Collections are offered for sale to museums and private collectors, and are available for loan to museum exhibitions. Proceeds from the sale of paintings and prints provide a major source of operating support for the Roger Brown Study Collection.

SAIC is in the unique position to share a wealth of artistic, personal, and intellectual resources from the RBSC Archive with collectors and institutions considering loans or purchases. The RBSC Archive includes Brown’s sketchbooks from early/student years to the early 1990s. From these we can often provide images from Brown’s creative process for a specific work or art, or a time frame in Brown’s career. We can often provide provenance, exhibition and publication histories, and at times we can find references to specific works or ideas in Brown’s writings.

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