This episode is full of drama and mystery. Is this the middle of the end? Will Duncan and Richard ever work together again? Is the closing to this week’s show the saddest thing ever on a podcast? Are squid the new deer?

This week Clare Britt from Fraction Workspace returns and discusses La Biennale di Venezia with Duncan and Joanna. Listen closely and you too can be on the cusp of the hot new trends.

Our new Washington D.C. correspondent Katy Chang checks in from the San Diego Comicon. She is the only other JD/MFA we’ve ever met. It’s like Highlander, eventually she will have to duel Richard to the death. There can be only one.

AND, if that weren’t enough action, Joanna and Terri discuss Douglas Coupland’s book Hey Nostradamus!: A Novel. A high school shooting in Vancouver, I thought our neighbors to the north were pacifists.

The closing is the saddest thing ever on Bad at Sports, weep for Duncan.

Clare Britt
Fraction Workspace
La Biennale di Venezia
Douglas Coupland’s Hey Nostradamus!
Robert Storr
Guggenheim Museum
Damien Hirst
Francois Pinault Collection
Gerhard Richter
Bruce Nauman
Giuseppe Penone
Sharon Stone
Courtney Love
Robert Ryman
Sigmar Polke
Jasper Johns
Jeff Koons
Ellsworth Kelly
Peggy Guggenheim
Barnett Newman
Paolo Canevari
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Joshua Mosley
Yang Fudong
Sophie Calle
Tracy Emin
Andrey Bartenev
Marko Mäetamm
Charles Gaines
Elizabeth Murray
Calvin Reid
Lisa Cartwright
Betty-Sue Hertz
Jody Culkin

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