This week we talk to Susan F. Rossen, Executive Director of Publications at the Art Institute of Chicago about the new show at Corbett vs. Dempsey: Joseph Friebert, Fred Berman, & the Milwaukee Scene 1935-1965.

Also Mike Benedetto has his first Superstar Special movie review.

And, Brian Andrews and Marc LeBlanc talk to Joyce Grimm and Dina Pugh about Triple Base gallery, and creating a space for emerging artists and curators. All you bright young upstarts, you need to listen to this interview.

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We promise we will never record the intro and outro in a Dunkin Donuts again, sorry.

Susan F. Rossen
Art Institute of Chicago
Corbett vs. Dempsey
Joseph Friebert
Fred Berman
Three Walls
Deb Sokolow
Jim Trainor
Mel Bochner
Leslie Baum
Alfred Sessler
Gerrit Sinclair
Karl Preibe
Betsy Ritz-Friebert
Robert von Neumann
Katherine Kuh
Ivan Albright
Mark Rothko
Tony Fitzpatrick
Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer
Henry Lee Lucas
Clint Taniguchi
Oliver Halsmen Rosenberg
Joyce Grimm
Dina Pugh
Pierogi 2000 Gallery
Zefrey Throwell
Frank Prattle
Sidra Stitch
Fecal Face
Susanne Shapiro
UCLA Library
Tara Lisa Foley
Kottie Paloma
Kyle Mock
James Lingwood of Art Angel
Christian Rattemeyer
Red 76
Renee Green
Taqueria Cancun

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