THIS WEEK: the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art’s Manilow Senior Curator Francesco Bonami interviewed live a Three Walls on Tuesday November 21, 2006. Francesco gives his frank and funny perspective on everything from: why Australian art is bad, compares Kentuckians to Europeans, and talks about the role of the curator as artist.

Well the residency is over. Thanks for coming. Thanks to Three Walls for all their help and patience. It was nice to meet so many of you and there was a minimum of rotting fruit thrown at us.

Hey! We need your help, yes you dammit. We crank out this show every week for you information and amusement, now it is time for your sorry butts to pitch in.

We need to hear your feedback, we are about to have our third formal staff meeting ever and would love to hear from you on what works, what doesn’t, who you’d like to hear interviewed (no, don’t say “me” unless you have a solid reason or are a superstar) and any other wit and wisdom you the loyal listener wishes to send our way. We are going to re-examine and re-evaluate the project to see where we go from here (if we go from here?) and would love to hear from people outside of our sad, insular, little bubble. Please e-mail us at, title your e-mail “Feedback”. Thanks!

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