This show was recorded, edited, and mixed all on Sunday hence the late posting!!. This week: “Grub” a compost minded exhibit by Claire Pentecost organized, mulled, and presented by 13 SAIC grad students. Brian Andrews checks in from Portland where apparently all of the SF Hipster are fleeing to. Duncan and Richard muck through the Hollywood notion of an art show, but in real life, and do a couple quickie reviews of work at Lisa Boyle, Three Walls, Western Exhibitions, and a couple other places. In a shocking turn of events, the Raymond Pettibon interview is postponed until after the art fairs.

Apologies for the editorial slop this week, I was in a hurry.

Real show note to follow soon!

PLEASE contact us if you wish to help us out at the art fair.

Claire Pentecost
Suburban Gallery
DJ Spooky
Maureen Buskowski
Mess Hall
Nato Thompson
Critical Art Ensemble
Chapman Brothers
Jupiter Hotel
Motel Gallery
Genuine Imitation Gallery
Meredith Dittmar
Art Space USA
Judy Ledgerwood
Hamza Walker
Fraction Workspace
Lauren Frances Adams
Stacey L. Kirby
Aaron Packer
Michael Dinges
Ruth Cook
Gescheidle Gallery
Annie Morse
Ampersand International Arts
Larry Bamburg
Patricial Maloney
Stephanie Smith
Dominic Malon
Lisa Doren
Karen Irvine
Lorelei Stuart
Adam Brooks
Industry of the Ordinary
Three Walls
Frank Haines
Lisa Boyle Gallery
Amy Jean Porter
Western Exhibitions
Pedro Velez
Matthew Northridge
Carroll & Gaydos
Thomas Blackman