1. Bearing Witness: Three Videos from Jesse McLean

May 14, 7pm
Late Capital


2. Leather Legacies: Heather Raquel Phillips

May 14, 2pm
Leather Archives & Museum


3. Alonso Galue: Tonada del tormento (Torment’s lullaby)

May 15-30
4101 W Cullom Ave (viewed from a car)


4. Krista Franklin with Aricka Foreman

May 19, 7-10pm
Volumes Bookcafe


5. Edra Soto: OPEN 24 HOURS: Virtual Artist Talk

May 20, 5-6pm
Heaven Gallery

Please let us know what you’re doing and what we can share, please submit your events here.

Visualist Chicago

The Visualist, www.thevisualist.org, is more than just a list of dates and events on the internet. It's a really long list of dates and events for exhibitions, artist talks, receptions, festivals, panels, performances, readings, fairs, workshops, and curated content all kinds. At its heart the Visualist is really a cursory archive of actions and engagements throughout Chicagoland. In time, this archive will reach back to the Brunswick Building fire of 1989. While creating this image of Chicago's cultural work, the Visualist is also being updated throughout the week to provide as complete and accurate a day-to-day accounting of these activities as is possible.

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