Tonight (Tuesday March 1st) at 7:00pm, the latest discussion in ThreeWalls’ current SALON series takes place. It’s called Crisis-Free Art Criticism and focuses on art criticism and those who practice it. I’ll be helping to lead this informal group discussion along with Lori Waxman of the Chicago Tribune and Pedro Veléz of Artnet.  Please do come on down tonight and talk with us – a description of the event follows. Hope to see you there!

“If any single role in the art world has been questioned, dismissed, vindicated and debated more than any other, it is arguably that of the art critic. In Chicago alone, panels, exhibitions, and blog posts galore have declared an apparently ceaseless “crisis of criticism.” While the reasons for this insecurity are many, prominent amongst them is the fact that the traditional role of the critic — interpreting art works and art movements for the viewing public — has been co-opted by curators and artists themselves.

In this second session of the @work SALON series, we decide to put the so-called “crisis” behind us and ask how art writers understand their roles in the cultural landscape today. How can criticism itself can become a creative and performative experience? What is the critic’s role in the production of meaning? Can art writing flourish in its own right, independent of the work itself? If the traditional print publication and the amateur blog both have a hard time generating revenue, then what are innovative, productive publishing models that could do better? What do arts writers see on the horizon of their profession?

This conversation will be led by Lori Waxman (60wrd/min), Pedro Veléz (, and Claudine Isé (Bad at Sports).