There was a great article on the methods, equipment & logic behind doing war photography here and while the entire article is extremely interesting the camera equipment list might be of use to Artists who can live and die by digital photographs and the equipment involved. Here is what Teru Kuwayama who has shot for Time, Esquire & Newsweek carries:

• I keep my shooting gear in a big Pelicase:
2x Holga
2x Widelux
2x Leica (M6, M8.2)
1x Canon G10
3x batteries for G10 and M8.2
2x charging units for G10 and M8.2
light meter
audio recorder
GPS navigator
folding stereo headphones
mini screwdriver set
2x multi-tool (large with wire cutters, small w/scissors)
2x mobile phone (US + overseas)
film + memory cards + video tapes
body armor (level 4 stand-alone rifle plates, carrier harness + Kevlar helmet)
boots, trainers, local sandals
ultra light sleeping bag + Bivvy sack + all purpose dhoti/sheet
waterproof river-rafting bag
survival blanket/camping tarp
compression straps, rope/cable
clothing – western + local


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