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Polaroids from the Sky

Polaroids from the Sky at The Museum in a Shoebox

If you’re a fan of The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles, you should definitely visit the website for the Museum in a Shoebox.

Located at 15 Old Street in Old Town, the Museum in a Shoebox currently features Polaroids from the Sky: Clouds through the Ages, described as a major exhibition presenting the science and history of the skies. From the Museum’s website:

“The exhibition also shows how skies have been depicted in art and literature. There are a lot of old paintings with golden frames on display. For over a year, the Museum has collected random polaroids picturing the sky. So far, the collection consists of more than 16 000 polaroids, which are all on display in the great exhibition hall.”

Concurrently, the Museum is presenting Cardboard Seasons by Japanese animation artist Satoshi Nakashima, who creates two dimensional landscapes out of discarded cardboard. Prior to this, the Museum featured the popup architectural miniatures of artist Johanna Bruce.

Founded/created by the Swedish architect and artist Kristina Dalberg, the Museum in a Shoebox, its website notes, “is a museum of contemporary art, architecture and design. It presents both real and imaginary works by real and imaginary artists, thus blurring the line between fact and fiction.”

Indeed, the Shoebox is just like most other museums–better, even. Designed by architect Aleksandr Kuznetsov (see what you come up with when you Google his name), the Museum has a gift shop, a restaurant, a large exhibition space and the gallery in a shoebox (a “smaller gallery for small exhibitions”) plus a theater, a library, an auditorium and 10 seminar rooms.

The Museum in a Shoebox had its grand opening last month, with 5000 people in attendance. Cupcakes were served.

You can also check out the Museum in Shoebox on Facebook here. (Via Dezeen).

Guided tours offered in 53 different languages (including Esperanto)

Guided tours offered in 53 different languages (including Esperanto)

the Museum's Summer Pavillion

Enjoy the Museum's Summer Pavilion

shots from the Gala Opening

Festive shots from the Museum's Gala Opening

Cardboard Seasons

Cardboard Seasons on display at the Museum in a Shoebox

7 thoughts on “Museum in a Shoebox”

  1. Richard says:

    Genius. The world needs more things like this and the brilliant MJT.

  2. Goran says:

    Reminds me of Mark’s Collapsible Kunsthalle for certain.

  3. Yeah — thanks. Click on the link on my name here and you can get to it. Any artists who listen to BaS who are interested in perhaps showing in it, contact me!

  4. Claudine Ise says:

    Mark, the Kunsthalle is incredible! I adore tiny things. For me the image it conjures of you carrying the suitcase around, travelling salesman-style, is really poignant too, I’m not sure why.

  5. Thanks! Hey BaS artist/listeners. Please everybody check out my little Kunsthalle and if you have an idea for a show (as either artists or curator) contact me.

    I have two Kunsthalle rooms, one with video built in, one or the other travels (with me and is in every show I do) and the other will be in a gallery here for about a year. So i would like to re-invigorate it. The site shows aonly the first three shows but there have been many more.

    Have an idea Claudine?

    Link is on my name — clck and visit my Kunsthalle.

  6. Kathryn says:

    Mark, do you have a direct link? I looked on the Museum in a box website and didn’t see your name.


  7. You have to go to my website and click on the tab “Collapsible Kunsthalle” or click on my name above this comment, as the filter here won’t let me put a link in the body of the comment — it seems to think I’m a spammer when I do that! I’ve change the linked URL on my name in this comment to go directly to the Collapsible Kunsthalle part of my website.

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