Episode 175: Nick Lucking and Tim Ivison

January 4, 2009 · Print This Article

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Amanda talks to Nick Lucking and Tim Ivison about www.spcmkr.com and their various projects.

SPCMKR facilitates and documents space exchanges, providing a site through which to organize a gift-economy between users. The web-based component of the project provides an interface for locating and contributing resources, arranging for temporarily inhabiting surplus spaces, and documenting both the exchange and the activities that occur while in residence. SPCMKR is a way in which to proliferate small everyday surpluses, allowing for flexible, friendly opportunities, rather than engaging with government or institutional power structures. SPCMKR should be understood not as a residency to which you apply but rather as a network in which you can contribute and benefit from the exchange of resources.

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Nick Lucking
Tim Ivison
Amanda Browder
Art Institute
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2 thoughts on “Episode 175: Nick Lucking and Tim Ivison”

  1. richard says:

    Our apologies for effing up Tim’s name on the downloadable file and at least initially on the blog. We regret the error!!!

  2. Good “find” Amanda. Artist-to-artist. I love the idea. I checked out the site — maybe I can find a way to get involved so people can residency-visit Switzerland too. I’ll try to find time to really peruse the site soon. Here is the link, by the way:
    Like your new glasses too in the photo!

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