Nick Cave’s Soundsuits

October 29, 2008 · Print This Article

photo via Jack Shainman Gallery

Last week I posted a link to Art 21’s blog interview with Jenny Holzer. This week they have a brief interview with Chicago based artist Nick Cave. If you are not reading Art 21’s blog I would highly recommend it. Below is an excerpt from A21 describing Cave’s Soundsuits.

” Nick Cave’s Soundsuits are fabulous creations made of thrift store finds, twigs, plastic bags, discarded tchotchkes, and just about anything else that strikes his fancy. Children loved seeing his work and guessing the materials they were made from, and seeing a video presentation of people inhabiting them. They enjoyed learning about his process, too. Often, Cave’s Soundsuits are assembled by a multigenerational, multicultural group of volunteers in his Chicago neighborhood.”

Check out Nick Cave’s interview here.

2 thoughts on “Nick Cave’s Soundsuits”

  1. yorgi says:

    this is fabulous. it is a creature and a creation. It is something to really be near not just look at. That kind of art is rare.

    think of the future

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