Jenny Holzer is Not on Twitter – Kathryn Born Does Actual Investigative Journalism

October 24, 2008 · Print This Article


I went to the Jenny Holzer media event and I’ll be editing down the audio for Bad at Sports (some of it is too hard to hear). But I talked to her in the cafe, and just so everyone hears it here first, for those 2,839 people who subscribe to Jenny Holzer’s Twitter page… it’s fake. She has no idea who that is. She’s really cool about it, she’s not angry or anything, she just described it as ‘one of those anyonmous internet things.

6 Responses to “Jenny Holzer is Not on Twitter – Kathryn Born Does Actual Investigative Journalism”

  1. […] Jenny Holzer’s Twitter page: apparently, not for reals. […]

  2. I’m crushed.

    But I’ll keep her as a friend until it turns into speed dating spam.

  3. […] that up to the digital medium of her choice (Ok that’s a stretch I know). But, it turns out she is getting a little help on the side. She can’t even take the time to write her own Twitter page (whatever the hell that is), let […]

  4. […] And we totally fell for it. Jenny Holzer’s not doing her own Twittering. […]

  5. Alicia Eler Says:

    I don’t care if it’s not Jenny. This is a brilliant Twitter page!

  6. […] wisely decided to do a bit of research first and I’ve found out that the account is actually FAKE. The words are indeed hers, but the owner of the account is not Jenny Holzer. The strange thing is […]

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