Episode 154: Leslie Shows

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Leslie Shows

This week a fabulous crossover episode!

Amanda pops up in San Francisco to join Brian and Patrica in an interview of the rising star Leslie Shows. They discuss Leslie’s work in Bay Area Now 5, plate tectonics, landscapes in New York, film narrative, and Deluzian geography. The conversation climaxes with a spirited debate between geologic time vs. swirly time.

This one’s not to be missed.
Leslie Shows
Bay Area Now 5
Tournesol Award
The Headlands Center for the Arts
California Biennial
Jack Hanley Gallery
Hudson River School
Claude Monet
Robert Rauschenberg
The Shining
Mike Davis
Werner Herzog
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7 thoughts on “Episode 154: Leslie Shows”

  1. One of my favorite natural experiences in NY city was to go down to the corner deli in midtown and be enveloped in the nature of people. Abundance of fractals in Romans and ruins maximus.

  2. Balzac says:

    The opening minute or two was hilarious. Where does that song come from?

  3. coyle says:

    i promptly did some internet research regarding that opening song and found it was from a) diskworld which you can b) rent from netflix. anymore info richard?


  4. coyle says:

    upon further internet research i have discovered my prior internet research was wrong. is this song from an album by Dave Greenslade of music inspired by the Discworld series? Richard please inform.

  5. I thought says:

    Duncan writes and performs all of the music on the show?!?

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