Episode 142:Three for one!

May 18, 2008 · Print This Article

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WTF? this weeks show is as long as your arm and brimming with what you need to
know about the art world around you…

It’s a three shows for the price of one deal!!!

First Duncan takes on the Chicago Artist Coalition to find out, what they do and
what business they have publishing a magazine.

Next,Terri and Serena talk to David Adjaye and Cydney Payton at The Museum of Contemporary Art: Denver
and figure out how you go about building a museum.

As if that was not enough, Mark Staff Brandl our European Chief checks in to remind us
how important it is to be a member of a community.

The show closes with a tribute to the Birthday of Joseph Mohan.

Paul Celan
Gio Ponti
Mark Dery
Daniel Libeskind

Santiago Calatrava
Luis Barrigán
Sigmund Freud
Chicago Artists’ Coalition


Chicago Artist News
Rod Blagojevich
Wesley Kimler
New Art

William Conger
Joan Livingstone
Peter Jones
Marlis Pekarek
Urs Eberli


Badrutt Schoch

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7 thoughts on “Episode 142:Three for one!”

  1. Richard says:

    So many muppets, it is hard to choose.

  2. coyle says:

    i felt very confident in sam the eagle for richard but for me its a toss up between waldorf and fozzie for d. on one hand, duncan is crotchety and yelling all the time but then again he also does think rubber chickens and fake fish are classic comedic stand byes….i’m gonna have to sleep on it before i cast my vote.

  3. Joseph Mohan says:

    Thanks for the birthday well-wishes. Sorry about the party, Duncan… your Evite must have gotten lost in the mail.

  4. Richard says:

    Whatever, we know Duncan got snubbed, due to your quarrel on Max’s facebook page.

  5. Richard says:

    The fact that Dr. Strangepork is outpacing Waldorf is a stunning upset.

  6. Hey, speaking of cartoon characters (I mean besides me), I noticed the BaS Baseball player has been deleted again! I like it — and it gives some sense to the grass on top, Bring it back pretty please!

  7. Central European Bureau, EuroShark Mark, temporarily sans his new partner Lamis El Farra, goes to the 50th birthday party of the most important art
    historian of contemporary art in East Switzerland, Corinne Schatz.
    Much of the regional art scene, from famous to lesser well-known was
    there. Brandl ambushes and steamrolls many of them into making
    off-the-cuff comments about Corinne, something Swiss people absolutely
    hate. They prefer to brood over answers for a long time, making
    certain they are not stepping on any feet. Fortunately, almost
    everyone here played along good-naturedly, even if no one answered the
    million-dollar question, “Why should Corinne write a huge damn
    monograph about you and your art?” Look for serious interviews with
    many of these artists in the future, so let this serve as a
    superficial introduction.

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