Movie Review: American Hardcore

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American Hardcore Title
Movie Review: American Hardcore by Steve Hamann

9 Responses to “Movie Review: American Hardcore”

  1. F**king great, Steve!

  2. It’ll come back.

    Awesome review!!

  3. Steve is my fing hero!!!!!!

  4. Steve. Most creative review I’ve seen of the movie. Awesome.

  5. Thanks for the kind F-words everybody.

    I wonder if “paul” is Paul Rachman, director of American Hardcore? hmmm…

  6. I hope the movie also looks west to deal with Black Flag “Damaged” and “My War” are my high school memories, though not really memories because I still listen to them because they f**king kill!

  7. Hey John,

    The doc actually covers Black Flag quite well, some good interviews, great footage, mostly focusing on H. Rollins joining.


  8. Adam Scott Says:

    My band is going to work up a MDC cover . . just for old times sake!!!!

    Corporate Death Burger!!!!!!

    John Wayne was a Nazi!!!!!

    They don’t make ’em like that anymore . . .

  9. Great work on the review!! Forget thumbs up and down – all reviews should be done this way!

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