Movie Review: American Hardcore

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American Hardcore Title
Movie Review: American Hardcore by Steve Hamann

9 thoughts on “Movie Review: American Hardcore”

  1. F**king great, Steve!

  2. Bill Dolan says:

    It’ll come back.

    Awesome review!!

  3. Richard says:

    Steve is my fing hero!!!!!!

  4. paul says:

    Steve. Most creative review I’ve seen of the movie. Awesome.

  5. Steve Hamann says:

    Thanks for the kind F-words everybody.

    I wonder if “paul” is Paul Rachman, director of American Hardcore? hmmm…

  6. John Minkoff says:

    I hope the movie also looks west to deal with Black Flag “Damaged” and “My War” are my high school memories, though not really memories because I still listen to them because they f**king kill!

  7. Steve Hamann says:

    Hey John,

    The doc actually covers Black Flag quite well, some good interviews, great footage, mostly focusing on H. Rollins joining.


  8. Adam Scott says:

    My band is going to work up a MDC cover . . just for old times sake!!!!

    Corporate Death Burger!!!!!!

    John Wayne was a Nazi!!!!!

    They don’t make ’em like that anymore . . .

  9. dan says:

    Great work on the review!! Forget thumbs up and down – all reviews should be done this way!

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