Episode 83: Mary Leigh Cherry & PS1

April 1, 2007 · Print This Article

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This week Brian and Marc talk to Mary Leigh Cherry is co-owner of Cherry and Martin gallery in Los Angeles and works with the Artist Pension Trust.


Nathan Rogers-Madsen reviews PS-1!

Richard ends the show with a plea and a funny song.

Mary Leigh Cherry/Cherry and Martin Gallery
Artist Pension Trust
Amanda Ross-Ho
Julian Hoeber
Nathan Mabry
Emilie Halpern
Karl Haendel
Michelle Grabner
Evan Holloway
Jason Meadows
Taft Green
Meg Cranston
Tony de los Reyes
Sarah Conaway
Alana Heiss
Jasper Johns
Glenn Ligon
Mark di Suvero
Peter Halley
Eric Fischl
Shirin Neshat
David Salle
Ed Ruscha
Julian Schnabel
Louise Lawler
Maya Lin
Robert Rauschenberg
Alex Katz
Cecily Brown
Philip Guston
Jeff Koons
Richard Prince
Nicole Kidman
Janine Antoni Fred Wilson
Sarah Sze
Chris Burden
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10 thoughts on “Episode 83: Mary Leigh Cherry & PS1”

  1. Bawl sack says:

    Brian, Marc, and Nate need to work on the sound quality. It sounds like they all used the same phone booth as a recording studio.

    Otherwise, interesting show.

  2. Richard says:

    Well, in their defense I have done sound engineering work so the usual BAS stuff has a bit of technical wizardry behind it.

    They are working on the tech stuff. Duncan and I met today to discuss how to create uniform recording kits for all of the field agents for season 3, if we get some of the funding we are exploring.

  3. daniel says:

    i’d just like to say, that an eyeful is an understatement.

    I’ll let y’all interpret that.


    PS I’d like to out Duncan and Richard right now, but I’m too busy working.
    Oh. whoops…

  4. daniel says:

    Oh yeah, and where’s my link? !My name got dropped, like of Nate’s balls.

    I’ll draw Nates Junk if Richard will get it tattooed on himself.

    that would be awesome.


  5. I just bought a small digital voice recorder and made a pop screen to go on my mike, so I should be a little more able to do stuff “on the run” here in Europa.

  6. Brian says:

    I’ve got plenty of pro gear too. It just didn’t save me from a comedy of errors in recording.

  7. Vivian Nunley says:

    Epispde 83, well done. Not a waste of time. Content first.

  8. Balzac says:

    The content was fine, although the main intreview was far too long. Content aside, I do prefer the shows when they don’t sound awful.

  9. Ann Onymous says:

    Jeepers I want some Free alltel ringtones. What genius thinks it is a good idea to spam this blog?

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