This week Brian and Marc talk to Mary Leigh Cherry is co-owner of Cherry and Martin gallery in Los Angeles and works with the Artist Pension Trust.


Nathan Rogers-Madsen reviews PS-1!

Richard ends the show with a plea and a funny song.

Mary Leigh Cherry/Cherry and Martin Gallery
Artist Pension Trust
Amanda Ross-Ho
Julian Hoeber
Nathan Mabry
Emilie Halpern
Karl Haendel
Michelle Grabner
Evan Holloway
Jason Meadows
Taft Green
Meg Cranston
Tony de los Reyes
Sarah Conaway
Alana Heiss
Jasper Johns
Glenn Ligon
Mark di Suvero
Peter Halley
Eric Fischl
Shirin Neshat
David Salle
Ed Ruscha
Julian Schnabel
Louise Lawler
Maya Lin
Robert Rauschenberg
Alex Katz
Cecily Brown
Philip Guston
Jeff Koons
Richard Prince
Nicole Kidman
Janine Antoni Fred Wilson
Sarah Sze
Chris Burden
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