Episode 64: Europe, Portland, Miami

November 19, 2006 · Print This Article

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Reports galore!

Duncan talks to the crew from Bridge about the impending Miami madness. Newly knighted European bureau chief Mark Staff Brandl talks lots of shows across the pond. Mike Benedetto talks Kurosawa’s Rahomom. Brian Andrews on Portland.

Wow! That’s a whole lotta show.

Thanks to Mr. Moon for helping out with the intro.

We need an audio intern. E-mail us if you have a clue, and don’t mind somewhat dull technical work. Lots of gory, oh, my friend there is lots of glory. No money.

ALSO: BAS has an APB out for Phil Berkman. If anyone out there knows Phil Berkman we are trying to get ahold of him…

Tom Burtonwood
Vanessa Beecroft
Damien Hirst
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jason Lee
Judith Trepp
Beat Streuli
Murray Guy Gallery
Matthew Buckingham
Schnitt Punkt Kunst + Kleid
Jeff Hoke/The Museum of Lost Wonder
Affair at the Jupiter Hotel
Gallery 40000
Western Exhibitions
Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects
Michael Caines
Romo Gallery
Beatrix Reinhardt
Packard Jennings
Nevin Tomlinson
Andrew Schoultz/Trillum Press
Bridge Art Fair
NADA Art Fair
DIVA (Digital and Video Art Fair)
Pulse Contemporary Art Fair
Scope International Art Fairs
Aqua Art Miami
Ink Miami
Frieze Art Fair
Art Chicago 2007
Stray Show
Art Unlimited
The Armory Show
Art in America
Judith Trepp
Art Forum Ute Barth Galerie
Beat Streuli
Murray Guy Gallery
Matthew Buckingham
Matthew Higgs
Tate Modern
Lufthansa CEO’s Office
Davyd Johnson
The Art Book London
Hamza Walker
Art Museum St.Gallen
Textile Museum S. Gallen
die Neue Kunst Halle St.Gallen
Jeff Hoke
The Museum of Lost Wonder
Mark Staff Brandl
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15 thoughts on “Episode 64: Europe, Portland, Miami”

  1. Richard says:

    I am so totally stoked I am to be played by Phillip Michael Thomas I can hardly speak.

    Thanks for the labeling Christopher.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I too, am thrilled to be the cute brunette. But Amanda, poor Amanda. What did she do so wrong? Then again, at least her actor is still working. Is that actress the one who worked behind the desk and do undercover work as a prostitute? Wow, then the resemblence to my role at BAS is uncanny.

  3. BillDolan says:

    If Amanda’s actor refuses to shave off the mustach, the least he could do is wear some cool specs.

  4. BillDolan says:

    My mistake. He did get the glasses. Check it out…

  5. Richard says:

    Mr. Olmos is one seriously bad mofo though. Amanda should be stoked.

  6. Hey Chris! two links are screwed up — the ones mostly from me at the end seem ok, but two at the top of the list repeat mine at the bottom and have either false or functionless links — so I would cut the TOP references to Trepp and Streuli out, ’cause the bottom ones work.

    Thanks for having me! Shout out to the Shark Wesley Kimler and Paul Klein for getting me back into this whole Chicago mess. But, man, I hate my voice. And I seem to have lost my real American accent totally. I think I need an actor to play me. In life.

  7. Richard says:


    I thought you did an excellent job and were amusing. Hell that beats me by a mile. Keep sending stuff!


  8. Thanks a lot Richard — but you guys, esp the Big Three are always amusing and self-deprecating yet bring on some great “heavy” stuff. I, as can be seen in my comments here and at Sharkforum and my publications and even in my paintings with words, tend to be much too “quick at repartee” to the point of vicious shots from the hip, like a cowboy. Maybe that’s why the Shark and I get along well. I had fun making the piece for you and will do my best to stay in the spirit (unless of course it is me in a panel discusion, wher I tend also to be humorous but highly aggressive — I can’t stop that). So sometimes my inner Sharkiness will come out too. I guess it did here with Streuli a bit.

    You know, it helps a LOT that Amnada laughs a lot too in your podcasts — I noticed that in the Rhona Hoffman inteview! Not to degrade her serious additions, but that delight alone makes for a pleasant atmosphere.

  9. Marc says:

    Mark- Beat Streuli did show at the MCA in Chicago, so I’m sure there’s a bunch of Chicagoans that know the work.

  10. Oh, good. I didn’t realize he was so deep into the “international clique” yet. I hope you disliked it. You have far better photographers in Chicago itself.

  11. Amanda says:

    I am TOTALLY stoked, I am the quiet undercover boss who puts Tubbs and Crocket into their place.
    Dude, I’m the man.

  12. Leonard Pants says:

    Doesn’t look like anyone replied to the APB on Phil Berkman…. but if someone does locate him please tell him Adam Mikos says hello. He was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had!

  13. Richard says:

    Phil is awesome. I wish he’d give me a call.

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